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Telescopic Forklifts

When you need to move large volumes of materials from great heights or over rough terrain, you can hire our telescopic forklifts. They are highly efficient, with exceptional loading and loading performance and are designed to be used for rough applications.

We can also provide various handling attachments with all our telescopics including:

Pallet and extension forks

Small medium and Large buckets

Safety Cages

Road Sweeper

5m telescopic forklift Hire

5m Telehandler

Compact yet powerful this workhorse boasts extreme reliability and excellent loader performance in small spaces. 

14m telescopic forklift Hire

14m Telehandler

Great choice for high-rise work sites where a work platform is required to carry out tasks such as roofing and siding. Able to handle 4 t loads up to 14 m in height, this machine can work with ease on any type of terrain with its frame leveling system and 4-wheel drive and steering.

6m telescopic forklift Hire

6m Telehandler

State of the art handler with an impressively small turning circle suitable for the tightest of yards while also maintaining great lifting performance.

18m telescopic forklift Hire

18m Telehandler

Specially designed for high bay/high rise work sites, with a lifting capacity of 4 t up to 18 m in height. Equally at home on uneven terrain, it has a generous ground clearance and tight turning radius so maneuverability never becomes an issue. Additionally excellent lateral and front stability make it a reliable on-site partner.

13m telescopic forklift Hire

13m Telehandler

This telehandler boasts a 13m reach and a high payload capacity, suitable for lifting large loads across uneven terrain and up several floors.

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