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If you are looking anything right from a micro to a 13 ton digger, get in touch with Islandview Plant Hire. You will find them all for hire at great prices for short or long-term hire.

All our diggers can be provided with a variety of attachments including:

Digging and trenching buckets

Drain / Ditching Buckets

Hydraulic Rockhammers / Rockbreakers

Stone / Land rakes

Rock and Heavy duty buckets

Mini Digger Hire

Mini Digger (1T)

State of the art mini excavator perfect for hard to access areas or small garden tasks. Its micro dimensions enable it to pass through a normal doorway –  ideal when working with restricted access and it expands to wider tracks for added stability when digging and tracking.

3 Tonne Digger Hire

3 Ton Excavator

Compact yet powerful, this excavator is ideal for smaller digs or space constrained areas of excavation. This comfortable machine gives the ability to get in, dig deep, and get out again with remarkable ease and efficiency.

5 Ton Digger Hire

5 Ton Excavator

Popular digger capable of almost any small to medium landscaping/trenching activity with a versatile operating system and weath of controls and in-cab adjustments. 

13 Ton Digger Hire

13 Ton Excavator

Our largest excavator in the fleet, equipped with enough power for almost any excacvation/demolition activity. Ergonomic in-cab controls & camera displays ensure the operator is always aware and in-control of the surrounding environment.

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