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For loading and unloading materials of any quantity, we have dumpers ranging from 1 to 9 tonne. All machinery is regularly inspected and maintained to the highest standards. We will provide you with a prompt, efficient and professional service at affordable prices. Call us to discuss your rental requirements.

We provide:

Swivel-Tip Dumpers

High-Tip Dumpers

Straight-Tip Dumpers

1 Ton Dumper Hire

High - Tip Dumper (1T)

Compact yet extremely versatile and powerful little dumper, capable of accessing the tightest of construction sites with ease.

6 Ton Swivel Dumper Hire

6 Ton Swivel Tip Dumper

The ideal dumper for shifitng heavier loads where manouverability in offloading is also required with its 180 degrees range of offloading.

3 Ton Swivel Dumper Hire

3 Ton Swivel Dumper

Our most popular dumper thanks to its flexilble operating capabilities allowing it to offload 90 degress in either direction, perfect for sites where turning isn't an option

6 Ton Straight Tip Dumper Hire

6 Ton Straight Tip Dumper

Heavy duty workhorse of the construction site. With its large loading capacity it can increase productivity while maintaining safety to the operator with its low centre of gravity.

3 Ton Straight Dumper Hire

3 Ton Straight Dumper

Great medium sized dumper for shifting loads from Point A to Point B.  Its low centre of gravity makes it easy for the operator to safely traverse the roughest of terrain.

7 Ton Straight Tip Dumper Hire

7 Ton Straight Tip Dumper

The largest dumper in our fleet. A must have when ground clearance and shifting large volumes of earth/concrete is needed.

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